Monday, June 30, 2008

575 Invades Tacoma!

This last weekend was a great step forward in the evolution of 575. We officially had our own branded booth with signage, stickers and member's repping.

We met a ton of great people got a ton of great feedback and conspired amongst ourselves for a ton of great future.. er, my rhetoric got a bit week with that last bit... :)

There are surely amazing things on the horizon, stay tuned.

For now, enjoy a few pics:

Kyle Kesterson, Sean Wilkenson & Don Deleva

Justin Hillgrove & Mike Capp

Sean's mom Barry, Jessica Wilkenson and Sheri Hauser

Don's work

Justin getting down w/ the chalk

People of all ages can love the trucker lids

Someone bought some Tapeworm eyes

Part of the booth - lots of tapeworms!

Hats, hats, hats... they are a magnet for trouble! ;)

For those of you we met and stopped by, thanks much. We surely hope to see you in the future.

**Next 575 public event**
August/08 - Seattle


Vonder said...

Looks great fellas... So, did you sell anything?