Monday, June 30, 2008

575 Invades Tacoma!

This last weekend was a great step forward in the evolution of 575. We officially had our own branded booth with signage, stickers and member's repping.

We met a ton of great people got a ton of great feedback and conspired amongst ourselves for a ton of great future.. er, my rhetoric got a bit week with that last bit... :)

There are surely amazing things on the horizon, stay tuned.

For now, enjoy a few pics:

Kyle Kesterson, Sean Wilkenson & Don Deleva

Justin Hillgrove & Mike Capp

Sean's mom Barry, Jessica Wilkenson and Sheri Hauser

Don's work

Justin getting down w/ the chalk

People of all ages can love the trucker lids

Someone bought some Tapeworm eyes

Part of the booth - lots of tapeworms!

Hats, hats, hats... they are a magnet for trouble! ;)

For those of you we met and stopped by, thanks much. We surely hope to see you in the future.

**Next 575 public event**
August/08 - Seattle

Yesterdays Urban Arts Festival Fair in Tacoma when good. Not a huge turnout, but we were up against the Taste of Tacoma, but we saw sales and potential for the collective to gain momentum and a following. I loved it, it was hot and there were lots of sexy people.
Kyle made some great 575 stickers and great banner. A lot of people asked questions about 575, took cards and will be visiting the website.
So I think it is time to start the ramp up.
Since a few of us are planing on doing more fairs the fair propaganda will start to drive more traffic here.
So Jump in and start posting we know your creative so show it!

De Leva

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Steel insects

I just had to post this robot for the robots that look like robots robot lovers, like me.
This is a Decider From the Retro Xbox game Steel Battalion and Line of Contact 2002. The game comes with a
40 button controller , 3 joysticks and 3 foot peddles. This is the BEST game ever made, hands down maybe except for Redline by accolade 1998. Here is the controller:
Damn I love this game! It takes a lot of skill and team work.
It all so takes a lot for me NOT to play it.
I am currently trying to "Curb my Enthusiasm" for the game, because it has "Arrested my Development " as an artist and I feel like Gob Bluth!

Yellow Jacket pilot
De Leva

Sunday, June 1, 2008


more yum yum here...