Sunday, April 20, 2008

Theme & Captions- April '08

Post up your Haikus and captions.


Wilky said...

Here are some of the Haikus from the "Animals and Robots" 575 night, enjoy!:

Not a good excuse;
My dog ate my homework
Robots ate my dog


versus Robocerous
Live on pay per view


Robo Chicken Zord
all naureal robot parts
organically grown


Furry and metal
more is uncommon than not
This I know is true


Pet shop parakeet
flying jewel held captive
by an eighth grade girl


You are being watched
an eagle's eye view at each light
The new world order


I should have listened
they told me not to pet him
I miss my fingers


Metal gnashing teeth
they're rabid robo-rabbits
chewing my ankles


One poops, one does not
but they both can make noise
embrace difference


Loafers of light steel
stylish pumps with a six inch heel
you go 3PO


Grow meat in a lab
animals made by robots
eat the techno-spam


running in the yard
is it live or is it memorex
wait, come back robot!


Robotic monkeys
are taking over the world
simian supreme


I like my pet cat
too bad I don't own a robot
would it lick my hand?